Almost caught up.

So, I’m back, and struggling to catch up. Thanks to GuyP for the excellent super-summary. Not too much to report since then, but I thought I need to start somewhere, so I’m starting with the new stuff :)

Well, where to start? How about with Perplex City? It was updated to include the fact that cards would be on sale at the nine locations starting on the 13th. (see the forums for how the card solving is going)

On to my favorite….. the Sentinel.

Madame Bianca signs in with some more interesting futures…. Are you lacking in religion? Should you start a band? Check with her.

There is a book report on the use of earth slang and customs by the youth of PC, and whether or not that’s a good thing…. the fact that the author has switched from cubeology (?) to earthology is slightly interesting.

A beautiful memorial has been set up to honour the 9 students killed while hiking last summer.

Finally, everyone’s favorite PC rock band Roll for Damage has been awarded the coveted City Star leitmark for their work promoting youth participation in civic discourse. Aurora was spotted there with Alejo…. tsk tsk… public displays of affection.

On other sites, Scarlett has updated to mention the recent wired article.

That’s all for today. Will write more when I see more. As usual, if you have comments, send them my way.

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